How purchasing miles can save you money

April 12, 2014

How purchasing miles can save you money?

Not many people know that some airlines actually sell their frequent flier miles and often have sales on miles whereby the cost of the miles is either heavily reduced or the purchase will attract a large amount of bonus miles when purchasing a certain amount of miles. Obviously, it makes most sense to earn miles via travelling or by other means such as credit card sign-up bonuses and spending wherever possible. Unfortunately, not all of us live in countries where the airlines cooperate closely with banks, finance providers and other entities where spending qualifies for miles and points earning. This is where miles purchasing comes in handy and can allow you to take advantage of some of the amazing mileage redemption opportunities available out there. Ultimately, the result can be that we are able to fly international first and business class at a fraction of the normal cost.

Most airlines cap the number of miles which can be purchased on a yearly basis, thus miles purchasing is not a means to fly premium class all year around. However, you should be able to purchase sufficient miles for one or two holidays a year.

We set out below a few examples to illustrate just how much you can save by purchasing miles for your business and first class travel:

Example 1:

Itinerary: Cairo to Tokyo (one-way)

Travel class: Frist

Carrier: Etihad Airlines

45,000 American Airlines miles

Cost of miles: 1327 USD
App. Retail price: 2132 USD

Saving: 805 USD

Example 2:

Hong Kong to San Francisco (one-way)

Travel Class: Business

Carrier: Cathay Pacific

50,000 Alaska Airline miles

Cost of miles: 1478 USD

Retail price: 6966 USD

Saving: 5488 USD

As you can see, purchasing miles offers significant savings and it is worth noting that the above-mentioned miles purchasing prices are based on paying normal price for the miles without any discounts or bonus miles. Should there be a sale on at the time of purchasing the miles, the price could potentially be even lower than indicated above.

If you are want to know more above your options for earning miles through purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us via or book a consulting session here.








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