Why use an award booking service

April 22, 2014

Why us an award booking service?

Booking an award ticket using miles from your frequent flier program of choice can be straightforward and can, in some circumstances, be done online with no (or very little) interaction with the airline service team. However, most airlines have partnerships with other airlines allowing you to use and redeem miles to fly on an airline partner. Often there is significant value in using miles to book flights on partner airlines, such as using Canada Air Aeroplane miles to book Lufthansa first class or Alaska Air to book Emirates business or first class to and from North America. The difficult part is establishing which frequent flier miles can be used for which program and how to avoid airline taxes, fuel and surcharges, which can pose a problem on many redemptions and drastically increase the cost of your “free” flight. Furthermore, many of the best redemptions can’t be booked online and often require prolonged international telephone calls to a service representative of the airline in question. Language barriers might also make the process even more difficult.

This is where an award booking service can assist you. AwardButler has extensive knowledge of the major international frequent flier programs and will be able to find possible redemption options to help you get the most out of your miles. When you send us an inquiry, we will assess your miles balance and establish how to get you from your airport of choice to your destination using the least miles whilst minimizing taxes and fuel charges. Once we have established the available options, we will present them to you with comments on what we believe is the best option. After we receive your confirmation of which flight to proceed with, we will go ahead and book the requested flight and arrange for your e-ticket to be sent directly to your e-mail saving you money and time.

If you wish to proceed with a booking please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail sales@awardbutler.com or directly from our booking form here.



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