How to choose the right seat using SeatGuru

January 22, 2016

Most of us have experienced being stuck in the wrong seat on a long flight either due to limited availability when checking-in online or by being allocated the seat when arriving at the airport. Naturally, there are some undesirable seats such as the middle seats, but many people are not aware that there can be disadvantages to many seats onboard, with proximity to lavatories, noise from galley area, no window or reduced recline.

Fortunately, some advanced planning and certain tools can ensure that you do not end up in one of those seat. The most well known service and our go to tool is SeatGuru which is a database covering many airlines’ seat maps for each of their aircrafts.

By visiting SeatGuru, we can search by entering our airline, route number and travel date and the website will then show the seat map of the aircraft allocated for the route on the travel date of choice. SeatGuru will show seat map for all travel classes and all seats will be allocated a color i.e. red, yellow, white and green based on whether the seats have any advantages or disadvantages.

Red: The seat has certain disadvantages and you should try to avoid this particular seat

Yellow: The seat comes with certain minor disadvantages which are worth considering prior to selecting the seat

White: The seat does not have any particular advantages or disadvantages.

Green: The seat has certain advantages

Here are the three steps to finding the right seat:

1) Go to

2) Type in Airline name, flight number and travel date

3) Check the seat map and check on the airline’s webpage whether the seat is available

Not all airlines allows seat selection free of charge prior to check-in, but as a rule of thumb, when the airline allows seat selection free of charge when making the booking, seat selection should take place as early as possible to ensure as broad a selection of seats as possible. If it is only possible to chose seat when checking-in for the flight, it is advisable to check-in as early as possible after check-in opens up. also provides descriptions of the various cabins and amenities along with pictures uploaded by users. The website is free and can be reached using this link.

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