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Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • Have you ever experienced difficulties finding award space to redeem your miles?
  • Have you ever spent more than an hour on the phone to an airline to book an award ticket?
  • Have you ever experienced high taxes and charges on your preferred award redemption?

If so, AwardButler can assist you.

AwardButler has extensive expert knowledge of most major airlines’ frequent flier programs and can assist with finding the best possible redemption options.

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Miles and points offers provide some amazing opportunities to fly premium class at a fraction of the normal cost. However, finding available seats and avoiding high taxes and fuel surcharges can be difficult and many redemptions still need to be booked over the phone with substantial waiting time to get through to an agent. If you want to remove the stress and make sure your miles are put to the best use, AwardButler offers two different products to help.

How does it work?

The Process Explained

  • Step 1

    Make your request

    Complete the order form and submit

  • Step 2

    Award Search

    One of our agents will review your order and search for the available options

  • Step 3

    Pay The Fee

    Confirm that you want to proceed with the award flights presented and we will send you a link to pay our fee

  • Step 4

    Receive your flight details or booking instructions

    Depending on which package you have chosen we will either go ahead and book your flight or we will forward the details…



You provide us with all details related to your travel and we will use our expert knowledge to find the best available seats whilst trying to reduce taxes and surcharges. We will present you with the available options and a brief guide on how to book the flights.

Standard one-way or return
$ 79
Multi City
Around The World


Award+ is for the traveller who wants complete peace of mind and covers the same as Award Basic with added services such as seat selection and continuous searching (after the flight has been booked) for better options up until your departure date.

Standard one-way or return
Multi City
Around The World